"Samvaad - The Leadership Dialogues" offers an array of Leadership Programs in Indoor, Outdoor and mixed settings, often combined with adventure activities covering various aspects of teamwork, leadership, communication skills, overcoming fear, breaking the inhibitions and problem solving.

  • oroots women and child welfare trust

    Leadership Training programs

    A unique and proprietary technique from SAMVAAD of facilitating Leadership development amongst women leaders and managers. It engages them in a series of dialogues, interactive sessions and activity-based engagement programs

  • oroots women and child welfare trust

    Grooming Women managers

    Women managers when groomed well into leadership roles have invariably chartered new benchmarks in a Corporation's life. For women executives, these have been life-changing experiences and have led to path-breaking outcomes.

  • oroots women and child welfare trust

    Outbound Training modules

    Outbound programs by Samvaad challenge the endurance, the perseverance and the tenacity of the participants, and leave them with 'Lifetime' experiences, that embed the lessons forever in their body, mind and consciousness.